A bit about me

This is me!

Hey there!

You found me, so you probably already know my name is Amy Cham. I live in Seattle, WA, as of summer 2018.

I've been part of the Drupal community--and a huge fan of the platform and its associated people--since the end of 2007. For severa; years, I built Drupal sites, marketed Drupal agencies, wrote about Drupal, trained end users and new site builders in how to use Drupal, helped to organize Drupal events, and have amassed a remarkable collection of Drupal t-shirts, stickers, and other goodies. 

See a pattern?

Today, I'm in the midst of a transition. See, before I started doing marketing, I was a developer. A bunch of things--XHTML, CSS, PHP, Perl Template Toolkit (anyone...?), a smattering of Java, but mostly Javascript. 

Before there were frameworks, before ES5 standards for OOP, and before people were sure about Ajax ("but what about the 'Back' button?????"), we were writing nutty interface interactions in vanilla Javascript. With a generous helping of spaghetti, because IE 5.5 and 6.

It was messy, and sometime ugly, and probably should have been done in Java, but it was FUN. And I miss it.

So I'm going back to development.

The evolution of Javascript from 'cute' to critical has been amazing to watch, and I now I want to be a part of it. 

After a family break, I'm presently working through a Front-End certificate at University of Washington. If you care to see how far we've gotten, my course code is up on my Github.

Here's where else you can find me on the internetz:

~ Amy